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Free Solar

Not sure if self financing is right for you?

Solar panels

Due to the Government backed "feed in tarrif" scheme, CTS Solar can take the hassle out of self financing a solar installation through our Free Solar Package. We have all heard of the "Buy Now - Pay later" finance options provided by various retail outlets, CTS Solar can offer a "Buy Now - Pay Never" option.

Not only will we provide all the panels and equipment for free, but so is the installation and we will maintain the entire system for a full 25 years. After which, we will sign it over to you with no charge whatsoever. CTS Solar will finance the equipment, installation and maintenance through the "Feed-in Tarrif" scheme while you will benefit from the free electricity generated during the day, making significant reductions in your electricity bills. No charges, no rent, no admin fees, just free electricity!

So am I eligible for Free Solar?

Because CTS Solar takes it's guarantees seriously, there are specific requirements for completely free solar which ensure that you maximise the amount of free electricity generated.

  • An unobstructed, due south facing roof
  • Around 30m2+ of clear space
  • Not a flat roof, panels work best fitted at an angle.

Additionally, you need to be the homeowner or have permission from the landlord. Buildings which are listed or in conservation areas are difficult because of planning regulations.

Please contact our sales team on 01623 422254 if you would like us to survey your property for free solar.