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  • Tesla Powerwall

    The Sunny Boy Storage is the battery inverter for high-voltage batteries from all reputable manufacturers including the Tesal Powerwall. With a charge and discharge power of 2.5 kW, it is ideally suited to coping with the electricity demand of a private household. The device combines the flexibility of the AC coupling with the advantages of high-voltage technology, enabling a significant reduction in system and installation costs. Thanks to the integrated web server and the direct portal access, commissioning is simple and the energy flows in the household are as transparent as possible.

    SMA Storage

    SMA Sunny Boy Solar Battery Storage

    While charging a battery directly from the panels using the DC Coupling method is considered the most efficient route, the AC coupling method leaves considerably more scope for the installation of the battery, as it is connected to the AC distribution of the household, which need not be anywhere near the existing position of the panels or inverters.