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Equipment - Biomass Installer

All equipment supplied and installed by CTS Renewables conforms to all standards required by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Please find below examples and datasheets for some of the most popular equipment we install. Through our network of suppliers and manufacturers we have access to almost all equipment, so if you have any specific models you require please contact our sales team on 0800 019 7256 and we will endeavour to source them for you.

  • Okofen

    ÖkoFEN is Europe’s specialist in pellet heating systems, with a modern production facility and several hundred employees throughout Europe. ÖkoFEN has also paved the way for pellet heating technology beyond the borders of German-speaking countries. 60,000 installed systems, subsidiaries in 17 countries worldwide, and groundbreaking innovations justify the decision to specialise in pellets.

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  • Windhager

    For more than 85 years the name Windhager has been inseparably linked and synonymous with boiler technology of the highest quality ‘Made in Austria’. What started as a small metalworking shop in 1921 is now one of the biggest and most important companies in the industry and one of the leading manufacturers of biomass central heating systems in Europe.

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  • mcz

    MCZ Group (Manufatti Cemento Zanette), was set up in 1975 to manufacture cement products. From the 1980s, the company began to manufacture open fireplaces, moving on to a complete line of closed fireplaces and inserts in. In 2011, the group's RED strategy is completed with the creation of a new line of business linked to renewable energy.

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  • Grant UK

    Grant manufacture heating systems that respond to the challenges of rising fuel costs whilst protecting our environment. This ecological responsibility is central to all that Grant do and we will continue to innovate the most efficient products that make best use of our natural resources. We are passionate about developing sustainable, high-performance and affordable alternatives for heating homes into the future.

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  • Grant UK

    Since December 1998, the Upper Austrian company ETA has been designing and building a new generation of wood-fired boilers. They are full of patented technologies and the most ­modern control technology – and yet are still easy to use. Comfort and efficiency make ­ETA products so popular around the world. With a production capacity of over 10,000 boilers per year and a global export quota of more than 80%, ETA is one of the leading biomass boiler producers.

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