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Servicing – Solar Thermal

Solar PV Installation

We have several years experience in the renewables sector and have developed service relationships with most manufacturers.

A full service and maintenance schedule is a great option for customers who are looking to ensure that their system is achieving optimum performance.

Additionally we are aware that there has been several renewables companies who are no longer trading, leaving customers without equipment support or possibly poorly performing installations. As part of the health check we can identify faults and provide solutions.

A Typical Service Comprises:

  • Visual inspection of the solar thermal panels and mounting.
  • Internal inspection of roof fixing positions for any evidence of leaks.
  • Inspection of thermal pipework.
  • Inspection of pump station fixings, connections, settings and pipework.
  • Bleed air from deaerator.
  • Inspect and test, temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • Sample and analyse glycol concentration and condition.
  • Electrical cutout for overheat test.
  • Analysis and optimisation of programmer settings and error codes.
  • Re-commission the system.

Please note, a service does not generally include a clean of the solar panels, feel free to discuss specific pricing of this optional extra once the engineer is on site or with our office staff beforehand.

Also available at an extra cost is installation of pest control measures for the solar panels.

We cover East/West Midlands and Yorkshire, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.