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Servicing – Heat Pumps

Samsung Heat Pumps

CTS Renewables Ltd are authorised installers, service and maintenance engineers for Samsung, Dimplex and Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps. We specialise in domestic monobloc air to water units.

It is essential to keep your service schedule up-to-date in order to maintain manufacturer warranties, optimise the efficiency of the units and to identify possible faults in their early stages before the repair costs increase.

A Typical Service Comprises:

  • Internal Heat Pump clean and integrity check of Fans, Heat Exchanger, Compressor, Casing and Electronic Components.
  • External clean using manufacturer recommended antibacterial solution.
  • Inspection and clean of in-line strainer.
  • Inspection and clean of in-line magnetic filter.
  • Performance and integrity check of circulation pumps, 2/3 port valves, lever valves and flow gauges.
  • Glycol condition and concentration analysis.
  • Heating Temperature and Pressure relief valve check and system pressurise.
  • Control panel integrity check and field settings analysis.
  • Cylinder Safety Check to include temperature and pressure relief valve test, tundish and discharge inspection, cylinder integrity check.

We cover East/West Midlands and Yorkshire, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.