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Servicing – Biomass


CTS Renewables Ltd are authorised installers, service and maintenance engineers for Windhager, ÖkoFEN, Grant and MCZ Biomass Boilers.

It is essential to keep your service schedule up-to-date in order to maintain manufacturer warranties, optimise the efficiency of the units and to identify possible faults in their early stages .before the repair costs increase.

A Typical Service Comprises:

  • Inspection and clean of turbulators / heat exchanger.
  • Inspection and clean of flue fan.
  • Inspection and clean of brazier.
  • System test, inspection, clean and grease of mechanical components.
  • Inspection and clean of in-line magnetic filter.
  • Performance and integrity check of circulation pumps, 2/3 port valves, lever valves and flow gauges.
  • Pellet store, auger / vacuum system integrity check.
  • Heating Temperature and Pressure relief valve check and system pressurise.
  • Control panel integrity check and field settings analysis.
  • Cylinder Safety Check to include temperature and pressure relief valve test, tundish and discharge inspection, cylinder integrity check.
  • Recommission the boiler ensuring flue gas levels are within permitted parameters.

Please note this service does not include a flue/chimney sweep which is ideally to be completed by others beforehand, additionally the boiler will need to be turned off 8 hours before service and the ash to be emptied.

We cover East/West Midlands and Yorkshire, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.