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Case Studies

  • Office suite at Mansfield Town Football Club benefits from Commercial RHI, with a Grant Spira Biomass Installation.

    10kWp Staffordshire Farm10kWp Staffordshire Farm

    Similar to many Football Clubs and Stadiums, the owners of the “One Call Stadium” have sought to increase revenue by taking greater advantage of barely used or redundant club facilities. Within the “Ian Greaves” stand a range of offices have been developed for business accommodation.

    The new owners decided to install a Biomass Boiler to heat the offices and training rooms, taking advantage of Non- Domestic, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment scheme.

    A full on-site survey, including heat loss calculations for the building, plant room sizing and flue height assessment was completed. The results of which, indicated that the height of the flue at close to 14m could present an issue to some manufacturers, additionally the plant room is not large enough to house a boiler and pre-manufactured fuel store

    It was agreed that the Grant Spira 36 unit would provide adequate heating for the offices alongside a little spare capacity for expansion. Having a modulated output ensures little loss of efficiency in the 9- 36kW operation range. Following consultation with the manufacturer an appropriate flue system was designed. In addition CTS Renewables designed a “purpose built” fuel store by sectioning off a third of the plant room to accommodate approximately 2 tonnes of wood fuel pellets, which supplies the boiler’s integrated hopper via mechanical auger.

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    • Max. heat capacity: 36kW
    • Annual Consumption: 59MW
    • Tier 1 RHI: 36 x 1314 x 7.9p = £3,737 p/a
    • Tier 2 RHI: 11,700kWth x 2p = £234 p/a
    • Total Benefit (RHI+Fuel): £7,740 p/a
    • 20Yr Return On Investment: 142%