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Case Studies

  • CTS Renewables successfully trial the ImmerSun Solar Immersion Heater Switch.

    Immersion Heater Switch

    There has been a lot of interest in the industry about Immersion Heater Switching Units, which work alongside a renewable electricity source such as Solar PV or Wind Turbines.

    These units are designed to divert any excess electricity generated, which is not being used in the property and would normally be exported to the grid, to an immersion heater in the property’s hot water tank.

    It could be considered to be a low cost alternative to a solar thermal system for those householders or businesses who have used all their available roof capacity for Solar PV. With the export cost of electricity being relatively low and the vast majority of properties not having an export meter fitted, these units are a cost

    Installed by CTS Renewables as part of a wider program of the works, Paul West, Solar Projects Manager Commented: “This project was both exciting and challenging. The Skills Xchange has a substantial roof area, but the variety levels and obstructions presented design problems. Also, the construction of the building combined with an unsecured perimeter, dictated that scaffold was not an viable option, and required innovative solutions to lift stock and ensure the health and safety of staff.

    effective way of storing energy as hot water which can be used throughout the day and night.

    There are several similar products on the market to the ImmerSun unit trialed by CTS Renewables, but very few work in the same way as the Immersun.

    Matthew Baxter; Director of CTS Renewables explained: “we did a lot of research into the alternatives, most work by monitoring the output of the generating source and activate the immersion heater when the output reaches a preset level, calculations are made regarding a properties normal energy usage to try and ensure the immersion heater does not start importing energy from the grid. The ImmerSun unit works differently; it constantly monitors the exported electricity from the property and diverts the excess to the immersion heater.”

    The immersion heater switching unit has been working very effectively since being installed, regularly heating the cylinder from the previous nights usage by mid morning from a 3.5kWp Solar PV system, even on relatively dull summer days. While the ImmerSun is a relatively new unit, CTS Renewables feel confident enough to roll out an installation program.