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Case Studies

  • Hemsworth RUFC in takes full advantage of Solar Photovoltaic energy for electricity and hot water generation.

    10kWp Staffordshire Farm10kWp Staffordshire Farm

    Located between Wakefield and Barnsley, Hemsworth Rugby club has an enviable track record of investing into the club. Originally based in local pubs, they now have their own Clubhouse, playing fields and training areas which are wholly owned by the club.

    Thanks to the foresight of the club committee and a funding contribution from Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Hemsworth RUFC can now add the installation of a 2x 20kWp Solar Photovoltaic systems along with an Immersun, immersion heater switching unit to the clubs assets.

    Working alongside CTS Renewables, the committee opted for the Sharp Polycrystalline range of panels working with a SMA Tripower inverters. The two were installed separately and will make a considerable dent in the club’s electricity costs and the returns from the Feed in Tariff will help to fund the running of the club and potentially lead to the purchase of new equipment and resources.

    In order to maximise on the electricity generated by the solar panels, the club installed two Immersun units to divert any excess electricity generated to heat up, via immersion heaters, two 400 litre hot water cylinders.

    Brian May, Club President member said “Hemsworth RUFC is active within the local community and we are dedicated to promoting the sport as well as providing a great facility for everybody to access. The Solar PV system will support this commitment as well as provide an example to the community that the club is taking measures to reduce its environmental impact.”

    The first phase of the installation was completed in time for the March 2012 deadline and phase two completed in May 2012. Installed in under seven days the club can expect a healthy return on its investment, with the installation cost expected to be recouped within 5 years.