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Case Studies

  • Complete renewable energy upgrade including, biomass boiler, solar PV and Immersun unit installed on Lincolnshire farmhouse.

    Lincolnshire farmhouse

    This customer was in the process of extending and renovating the property to provide additional living accommodation. The house was originally heated by a conventional log burning stove, which was not fit for purpose in heat output and efficiency for the new development. The property is located off mains gas and the customer preferred to retain the aesthetic effect of a wood burning stove within the kitchen diner.

    Following a full on-site assessment, including heat loss calculations for the property, it was agreed that the MCZ Primula Hydro Stove would provide the 17kW of central heating requirement for the property, alongside 4kW of visible flame space heating for the Kitchen/Diner

    The existing log burner supplied central heating only to a limited number of rooms. CTS Renewables installed a new S-Plan Plus system to control and supply the entire house including: flow and return, header tanks, 210 litre hot water cylinder, expansion vessel, cold feed, hot feed, automatic air vents, bypass circuit, and replaced the exposed flue. The heating circuit was split into two zones with dedicated Danfoss programming units, upstairs using standard Stelrad type radiators and downstairs using underfloor heating.

    The customer was also keen to reduce their electricity consumption, especially considering their intention to turn off the boiler over the warmer months and heat their hot water through an immersion heater. As a solution a 4kW Hyundai Solar PV system was installed onto the property alongside an Immersun, immersion heater control unit. The Solar PV system will help to reduce electricity consumption during the day and any excess electricity is automatically diverted by the Immersun unit to heat the hot water cylinder through the immersion heater.

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    • Breaker
    • Max. heat capacity: 21.5 kW
    • Min. heat capacity:4.4 kW (3 kW)
    • Normal efficiency: 92%
    • Hopper capacity: 44 Litre
    • Fuel type: Pellets 6-8 mm
    • Weight: 190 kg