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Case Studies

  • Wakefield College sets an example to students on renewable energy with 200kWp Solar PV array.

    Wakefield CollegeWakefield College

    Wakefield College is an educator committed to reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing energy costs. Along with energy efficient lighting Solar PV is an integral part of this efficiency drive.

    Installed on the newly built Skills Xchange campus in Castleford, it has been calculated that the 200kWp photovoltaic array will make a significant dent in the centers energy costs. Solar PV is an ideal solution for the Skills Xchange, due to the size of its south facing roof, and as a college, the majority of its energy use is during daylight hours.

    The system was financed by CRT Renewable Energy Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. The installation benefits the community, and as such fulfills a remit of CRT alongside providing a return for the trust to reinvest in activities that meet its social objectives.

    Installed by CTS Renewables as part of a wider program of the works, Paul West, Solar Projects Manager Commented: “This project was both exciting and challenging. The Skills Xchange has a substantial roof area, but the variety levels and obstructions presented design problems. Also, the construction of the building combined with an unsecured perimeter, dictated that scaffold was not an viable option, and required innovative solutions to lift stock and ensure the health and safety of staff.

    CTS Renewables installed HJ Solar Polycrystalline panels Schueco standing seam mounting system and SMA Tripower 17000TL inverters. It was agreed with CRT Renewable Energy that this combination would provide the best return with maximum longevity.

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    • Modules: 836x HJ Solar HJM240P-20
    • Inverter: 12x SMA Tripower 17000TL
    • Mounting system: Schuco
    • Power Specification: 200kWp
    • Annual Power Output: 164,845kWh
    • Annual CO2 saving: 86.5 Tonnes