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Welcome to CTS Renewables

Welcome to CTS Renewables, supplying the highest quality service for the best value prices.

  • Access government incentives to earn income and quickly recoup your investment.
  • Payments are guaranteed for up to 20 years.
  • Benefit from tax free, index linked payments.
  • One of the best financial investments available to the public and business.
  • Supplied and installed by a experienced and trusted MCS-certified company.
  • Reduce the effect of energy price rises.
  • Set an example by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Year-round energy efficiency savings and generation.
  • No Hard Sell, No Sub Contractors, just quality service from experienced professionals.

Get paid to save and generate energy. A bright investment, that's as sure as the Sunrise! Click on one of the boxes below for more information.

save money on your bills
  • Solar Photovoltaic


    Harness the power of the Sun to produce your own electricity.

    Find out more here
  • Heat Pumps

    Equipment logos

    Collect heat from the air around you to satisfy all your heating needs.

    Find out more here
  • Battery Storage

    Tesla Battery Storage

    Maximize the usefulness of your solar panels!

    Find out more here
  • Biomass


    Heat your home with a wood fuelled heating system.

    Find out more here
  • Solar Immersion


    Heat water through your Solar PV through the Solar immersion switch.

    Find out more here
  • Wind Turbines


    Generate electricity throughout the day and night with Wind Turbines.

    Find out more here
  • Solar Thermal

    Energy Saving Trust

    Solar thermal panels can work with most existing heating installations.

    Find out more here
  • Efficient Lighting


    The simplest and cost effective method of reducing electricity bills

    Find out more here
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February 15, 2017
This customer specified a GSE Roof Integrated or in roof solar mounting kit which involves removing the tiles and placing the panels directly on the laths. The result is a much less intrusive installation which blends into the roof.In addition, the ...

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Testimonials (View All)

February 13, 2017
Dear CTS Renewables,Thank you so much! I can''t believe how efficiently it was all done. You all deserve a really good Christmas.All the best,Mrs Gruar(emailed to office 21/12/16)

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NEWS (View All)

December 21, 2016
The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy has just announced some significant changes to the RHI. The full consultation response was published yesterday but the highlights are as follows:The Air Source Heat Pump RHI will increase fr...

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